9. The Hall of Fame of Great Americans

A bust of Edgar Allan Poe at the Hall of Fame of Great American

In 1910, Poe was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Great Americans located on New York University’s former Bronx campus (now Bronx Community College). Poe’s inclusion with the third class of inductees signifies how highly regarded he was. At the base of his bust, you can see a raven, an (assumedly black) cat, and an open book.

The Hall of Great Americans is a 630-foot open-air colonnade that rings the Gould Memorial Library. Designed by Stanford White, the colonnade is filled with 98 busts of famous Americans who were elected to be honored from 1900 to 1976. Poe keeps company with the likes of Alexander Graham Bell, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington among others.