2. There is a street in Malba just called Boulevard


In the Malba neighborhood within Whitestone, there is a street simply named “Boulevard.” The small street to the east of Powell’s Cove Park and west of the Whitestone Expressway curves toward the waterfront, offering clear views of the Whitestone Bridge. The street is lined with expensive homes — Malba is considered one of Queens’ most expensive neighborhoods and boasted the most expensive home in the borough which was on the market for $8.8 million in 2017. Much of the waterfront stretch is owned by the Malba Association, making it private property.

Malba was an early planned community with winding streets and more of a suburban feeling than nearby College Point. Homes are detached with spacious lots, many built on what was once the Van Nostrand farm. First settled in 1908, Malba was named for its five developers: George Maycock, Samuel Avis, George Lewis, Nobel Bishop, and David Alling. This acronym actually predates many other famous New York City acronyms including Tribeca and SoHo.