3. St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church has been nicknamed the “Spaceship Church”

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church was founded in 1916 as one of Queens’ first Orthodox churches. For nearly five decades, from its opening in 1919 until its demolition in 1968, the church was housed in a wooden structure. The new structure built for the church was anything but orthodox; its design has earned it the unofficial nickname of “spaceship church.”

The church feels futuristic because of its exaggerated arches and curvy design, as well as its exterior silver tiles. The church, located at 14-65 Clintonville Ave, is also known for its blue onion dome. It has oval windows and a metallic barrel roof. The building was designed by architect Sergey Padyukov, who designed churches across the United States including a handful in New Jersey and one in Sitka, Alaska. In contrast to the striking exterior, the interior looks more standard, featuring Orthodox iconography and typical (though ornate) wooden pews.