4. Multiple Digital Artworks

Art in Grand Central Madison

The north end of the Madison Concourse will be filled with a continually changing display of digital art by various artists. The first three newly commissioned works that will grace the giant five-channel LED screens were created by artists Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, Jordan Bruner, and Red Nose Studio. Each screen measures 17 feet wide and over 7. feet tall. All of the digital artwork pieces are two minutes in length.

In Gabriel Barcia-Colombo’s piece Platform, passersby will see life-scale portraits of 40 New Yorkers gathering in super slow-motion. The work “examines what it means to be back together in a crowd post-pandemic. The moment of awe and interaction between those featured on-screen and the commuters passing through Grand Central Madison creates an ephemeral encounter that makes New York unique.” In digital illustrator Jordan Bruner’s The Grand Wander (pictured above), viewers explore many of the sights that pop up while traveling from Grand Central to Long Island, including the cityscape of midtown Manhattan, wildlife and beaches, the historic fishing industry, local wineries, and food culture. In the final piece, Hat Trick by Red Nose Studio, commuters will be treated to a stop-motion animation that follows a playful cat-and-mouse chase between a man and his bowler hat through Grand Central Madison.