14. You Can Play Tennis in Grand Central Terminal

Vanderbilt Tennis Club in Grand Central
Photo courtesy of the Vanderbilt Tennis Club

A little known space called the Annex houses a tennis court that is accessible to the public (as long as you can get a reservation). Originally installed by a Hungarian immigrant Geza A. Gazdag in the 1960s, it was taken over by Donald Trump, who brought the likes of John McEnroe and the Williams sisters onto its clay courts. The space, at some point, had also been a ski slope.

The courts are now open to the public, although tracking them down takes a bit of investigative work (you’ll find that some GCT employees are even oblivious to the club’s existence). The easiest way to access the facility is to head to the Campbell Apartment, where you’ll find elevators in the lobby outside the bar that will bring you directly there. Alternatively, you can also take the elevators located halfway down the ramp that leads to the “Oyster Bar” and Tracks 100-117. Read more about the tennis courts here.