2. There is a Secret Library Filled with Railroad History

Shelves of books, posters, and pictures inside the Williamson Library at Grand Central Terminal
Photo Courtesy of the New York Railroad Enthusiasts

Tucked away on one of the upper levels of Grand Central Terminal is a small room bursting with railroad related books and ephemera. Officially known as the Williamson Library, the library was founded by former New York Central Railroad President Fred Williamson. In 1937, he gifted the space, in perpertuity, to the New York Railroad Enthusiasts, a group which he was a member of.

The Enthusiasts still use the library for meetings and events and it is rarely open to members of the public. In order to get in, you need special elevator access and access to the glass walkways. Once inside, the library is stuffed full of posters, paintings, photographs, over 3,000 books, and other artifacts related to rail travel. One of the most famous items in the collection is a piece of red carpet from the 20th Century Limited. Another fun library find, which we spotted in a photo on the NYRRE website, is a vintage Metro Man, a remote controlled robot introduced in 1983 to educate school children about railroad safety.