13. Rainey Memorial Gates at the Bronx Zoo

Rainey Memorial Gates the the Bronx Zoo, New York City Landmark

There are multiple New York City landmarks throughout the Bronx Zoo, and not all of them are buildings. The Rainey Memorial Gates were designated in 1967. The free-standing bronze gates were designed by famous American sculptor, Paul Manship, the same artist who designed the Prometheus sculpture (and others) at Rockefeller Center. Manship worked on the gates for five years, eventually producing the beautiful design of animal and plant motifs we see today. The Rockefeller Fountain, donated to the Zoological Society in 1903, is another of the Zoo’s non-building New York City landmarks.

Other gates and gatehouses throughout New York City have gained landmarked status. A few of these include the famous Gothic gates of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn and the gatehouse on Richmond Terrace at Sailors’ Snug Harbor.