8. Maragret Sanger Square was “un-named”

Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood center

In 1916, pioneering birth control activist Margaret Sanger opened a trial clinic in Brooklyn to challenge New York State’s ban on contraception. On January 2, 1923, Sanger opened the first legal birth control clinic in America, the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau (BCCRB), under the direction of the female physician Dr. Hannah Stone. The BCCRB established a nationwide network of affiliated clinics and worked in association with Sanger’s National Committee for Federal Legislation for Birth Control to promote contraceptive instruction in public health programs. In 1940, the BCCRB became the Margaret Sanger Research Bureau before becoming Planned Parenthood of New York City in 1973. In 1997, Planned Parenthood’s headquarters, the former Margaret Sanger Health Center (now the Manhattan Health Center), relocated its clinical facilities to 26 Bleecker Street.

In recent years, Planned Parenthood has worked to distance itself from Sanger due to Sanger’s support of eugenics. Sanger’s name was removed from the Manhattan health clinic and the organization requested that the City “un-name” Margaret Sanger Square. The New York City Council approved the removal of the Margaret Sanger Square street sign in December 2021.