10. Harry Houdini Debunked One of the Hotel Pennsylvania Acts

Joaquin Maria Argamasilla was known as “the man with X-ray vision.” Hailing from Spain, the illusionist claimed he could see through objects. He demonstrated his powers by reading notes locked in boxes and telling the time from clock faces that were covered.

Houdini debunked Argamasilla’s act on multiple occasions. The first time he saw Argamasilla’s act was at the Hotel Pennsylvania in 1924. After Argamasilla performed his act, Houdini stepped up and made a bet that he could replicate all of the supposedly paranormal feats the performer completed. Argamasilla and his manager were insulted and left the hotel while Houdini attempted to replicate the act. Largely due to Houdini’s incessant denial of his powers, Argamasilla faded from the public eye.

Remnants of Penn Station

Original Penn Station

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