17. Trees of Little Caribbean at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

  • Little Caribbean Trees exhibit
  • Three women standing at the Little Caribbean Trees exhibit
  • Little Caribbean Trees exhibit
  • Little Caribbean Trees exhibit

Trees of Little Caribbean, on display at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, celebrates the trees and treelike plants cherished by Caribbean peoples. Located at Steinhardt Conservatory until December 2023, Trees of Little Caribbean includes a variety of species like papaya, guava, allspice, and soursop, in addition to nonnative plants brought from Europe during the era of colonialism. The display also includes educational material on “stories of rebellion, resilience, spirituality, and joy.”

Trees of Little Caribbean was a collaboration between Chelsea Forgenie, School Workshops Coordinator; Meera Jagroop, Director of Youth Programs; Shelley Worrell, Cofounder of I AM CaribBEING; Mimi Jorling, Gardener, Entry House Collection; and Kate Murphy, Gardener, Tropical Collection. The Gardens’ website features recipes for dishes that center these trees, including cassava dumplings, breadfruit oildown, and tamarind balls. Check out more Little Carbbean spots in the photo gallery below!

  • Little Caribbean mural
  • Peppa's
  • Erasmus Hall
  • Bamboo Express
  • Kings Theater
  • Jen's Roti Shop
  • Nostrand Avenue
  • Tastee Pattee
  • Fancy Buffet
  • Banana Boat
  • Tamara Caribbean Kitchen
  • Flore & Michael
  • Patience Variety Store
  • Blazze
  • Le Gouter Kitchen
  • Zanmi
  • New Soldiers
  • Immaculee

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