7. The Hills

The Hills

The Hills, on the outskirts of Little Caribbean on Church Avenue near Pam’s Bakery, is a Guyanese restaurant open since 2010. The Hills is owned by Doris Rodney, a Georgetown, Guyana native who opened the restaurant after nearly two decades of cooking on weekends and special events. Rodney has contributed more than just high-quality Caribbean food to the community; she has hosted Christmas parties to distribute toys to children, as well as Father’s Day events.

The menu includes Guyanese and Trinidadian favorites including bake and saltfish, a fried bread stuffed with saltfish, scotch bonnet, onions, and tomato. Pepperpot, the national dish of Guyana, is a meat-based stew prepared with cinnamon, clove, hot peppers, and cassareep, a thick black liquid made from cassava root. Other popular items include souse, a cold dish of pickled pig meat, pholourie, dhal puri, and Indo-Chinese dishes like chow mein.