13. Little Caribbean Murals

Errol's mural

Throughout Little Caribbean, murals line the walls of buildings and subway platforms, showcasing the artistry and culture of the neighborhood. At the Church Avenue station that services the 2 and 5 subway, artist Louis Delsarte installed his Transitions in 2001. The stained glass and glass mosaic murals depict cultural scenes from the neighborhood, such as women celebrating the West Indian American Day Parade. In one scene, a young girl picks oranges from a fruit stand with her mother, while in another, churchgoers walk alongside costumed men. Delsarte was born and raised in Brooklyn and also created a mural called The Spirit of Harlem depicting figures from the Harlem Renaissance.

By Errol’s Caribbean Bakery on Hawthorne Street and Flatbush Avenue is a mural by Fumero depicting Bob Marley and James Baldwin with vivid blues. Errol’s is known for its beef patties, chicken soup, oxtail, and currant rolls. Artist Damien Mitchell depicted a woman wearing a jeweled headpiece, with feathers and gold bangles in his mural outside Zanmi. The mural takes inspiration from Crown Heights’ West Indian Day Parade, fittingly displayed outside the Haitian restaurant known for dishes like balsamic Kreyol scallops, Pâté Kode, and their plantain submarine.