8. Terrace on the Park

Terrace on the Park, one of the remnants of  the 1964 World's Fair in Queens

Terrace on the Park, now a private catering hall for weddings and events, was originally a heliport commissioned by The Port Authority of New York. The 120-foot high “aerial gateway” stood in the Transportation Area, which its “T” shape represents. It was designed by architect Gordon Lorimer with engineers John Kyle and Ray Monte, and planning chief E. Donald Mills.

Known as The Port Authority Heliport and Exhibit Building during the fair, the building featured a 1,100-seat Top of the Fair restaurant from which diners could enjoy an impressive view. On the floors below the restaurant, visitors could sip cocktails at the Drinks Around the World cocktail lounge featuring beverages from 24 locations around the globe. Those actually interested in transportation could enjoy a twelve-minute film about the amenities of the Port of New York and New Jersey on a 360-degree screen.