3. Hauntings in Finlay Hall

Finlay Hall

Finlay Hall is a dormitory building for upperclassmen at Fordham University. It is known for its triple-style bedrooms that include a loft and a spiral staircase that many Fordham students are fond of. However, before it was one of the most favored dorm buildings at the Rose Hill Campus, it was used as the medical school building. Supposedly, the lofts in many of the current bedrooms in Finlay were used by students to stand and watch dissections of cadavers take place below.

To add to this haunting experience, the cadavers were stored in Finlay’s basement which was then used as a morgue. Fordham students claim that in the middle of the night, they feel a cold grip on their throats or a tugging on their toes as if being tagged like actual cadavers.