9. The American Can Factory, 232 3rd Street, ca. 1886

The American Can Factory building in Gowanus, Brooklyn
Picture courtesy of The Gowanus Landmarking Coalition

Built on the Fourth Street Basin of the Gowanus Canal, “The Can” began as canning factory that, within its first year, was producing 1,800 tin boxes a week. Bought in 1901 by the American Can Factory, the complex is 130,000 square feet and holds 6 buildings, a medieval-esque courtyard and long, narrow alleyways.

The Can was developed and is now operated by XO Projects Inc., and it is still a center for production today. The building is home to a wide array of artists and an even wider array of exhibitions and performances. During the summer, Rooftop Films uses the building’s spacious rooftop for their film festivals. It is a designated landmark.