7. Embrace The World From Within at Faurschou New York

Faurschou New York

Beginning April 1, 2023, Faurschou New York, a 17,000 square foot private museum located within a former 1920s taxi depot in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, will host a new exhibition entitled Embrace The World From Within. This exhibition “revolves around physical and metaphorical aspects of the embrace: from the merging together of bodies, becoming something more and new, to the act of acceptance and cover or by contrast as claustrophobic smothering.” 

To explore this theme, the exhibition includes performance, installation, and sculpture spread across three galleries, with each gallery dedicated to a specific artist. The first features Louise Bourgeois’ Fée Couturière (Fairy Seamstress), a tangible sculpture that resembles a hanging bird’s nest. A second gallery features two works from Yoko Ono, We’re All Water and Ex It. In the third gallery, visitors can view a performance piece by Miles Greenberg entitled The Embrace, which features two blind performers locked in a perpetual embrace. Untapped New York Insider’s have the opportunity to view this expansive private museum at an exclusive guided tour on April 15th. Anyone else can view the work on display for free through September 17, 2023.