15. The Mark Hotel 

Sreenshot of Succession film location The Mark Hotel
Macall B. Polay/HBO

Tom Wamsgams calls Shiv, now his estranged wife, in what appears to be a call deliberately to unsettle her. He tells her that he was seen out with Naomi Pierce, Kendall’s ex-girlfriend, and wants to give her the heads up. He calls from inside The Mark Hotel at 25 E 77th Street on his way to Logan’s birthday party. 

The Mark Hotel is a luxury, 5-start hotel on Madison Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Constructed in 1927, the upscale hotel was reimagined in 2009 with new interiors by noted French interior designer Jacques Grange. The Mark Hotel is a favorite of celebrities and is the hotel of choice for many Met Gala attendees. Rapper Drake recently stayed at the hotel and reportedly paid $75,000 a night for a 10,000-square-foot suite while he was in New York to play shows at The Apollo.