9. Cunard Building

Photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

Logan Roy is honored at Waystar Royco’s annual company gala in the Cunard Building, the former shipping company-turned-banquet hall on Broadway in Lower Manhattan. The Cunard Building was designed by the architect Benjamin Wistar Morris along with the architectural firm Carrere & Hastings. Morris worked with muralist Ezra Winter to create a decor plan that focused on marine and shipping themes for the building. The building’s lobby served as the business’s ticketing hall, which was 183 feet long with a 68-foot dome, until 1968.

The ticketing hall is now owned by Cipriani S.A. as an event space and has been featured in many television shows including Gotham and The Blacklist. Though the Cunard building is rarely open to the public, except for private events, Untapped Cities partnered with the show D.S. Destiny to offer access inside the ticketing hall last year.