12. East New York Freight Tunnel

East New York Freight tunnel, one of the Succession filming locations

Tom Wamsgams has, for some reason, selected Roman Roy to plan his bachelor party. You never know where Roman’s loyalty really lies, but like the rest of the Roy children, getting on Logan’s good side tends to trump everything else. So, instead of going to Prague, he jumps at an opportunity offered by Stewy, Kendall’s financier friend who gets on the board of Waystar Royco during the first season. Stewy says that Sandy Furness attends the underground Rhomboid parties, and Furness controls 50 local television stations that Logan wants to acquire. Stewy plants the seed that Roman could help enable Logan’s “dream deal,” and with that, the bachelor party gets moved to the upcoming Rhomboid party.

Photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

The bachelor party shows up at a railroad track and walks into a tunnel. This is filmed at the abandoned East New York Freight Tunnel (the actual party is filmed in a warehouse in Sunset Park, Brooklyn). Though built for freight, it was part of a route by the Pennsylvania railroad to connect New Jersey to the northeast going from Bay Ridge to New England, there was also passenger train activity and a station here. Today, this is evidenced by an abandoned platform that once was part of the New York and Manhattan Beach Railway, a line that went from Long Island City and Bay Ridge to the luxury resorts on Manhattan Beach. This is a pretty great filming location that we haven’t seen in previous shows and demonstrates that the film scouts know New York City very well!