14. Logan Roy’s Hamptons Mansion

Photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

Following the aftermath of Shiv’s wedding, Kendall’s accident, and his failed takeover of Waystar Royco, Logan calls for another family summit. This time, they are at what appears to be a new acquisition, or at least, a new renovation: a mansion in the Hamptons. This real-life 42-acre estate, originally built for the Ford family is known as Jule Pond, located on Mecox Bay in Southampton.

Currently for sale, it was originally listed in 2017 for $175 million and recently dropped to $145 million. It is said to have the “largest ocean frontage” in all of the Hamptons and was originally an astounding 235-acre property called “Fordune.” Like other Gilded Age mansions in America, much of the interiors were shipped over from Europe’s chateaux and castles.