The Edge, one of the best NYC observation decks

Early skyscrapers introduced New Yorkers to the novelty and thrill of being hundreds and thousands of feet in the air. Most of New York’s Art Deco skyscrapers, like the Chrysler Building, 70 Pine, and the Chanin Building, featured observation decks where visitors could experience new heights for the very first time. Today, while many of those original observation decks have closed and the experience of ascending 70 or more stories may be a mundane daily experience, the thrill of seeing the city from high above the ground hasn’t worn off. New super tall towers are adding observation decks that look down upon New York City’s landmarks, and some old observation decks are opening up again. We’ve highlighted the best NYC observation decks that offer amazing views of the city and unique climbing experiences!

1. Edge at Hudson Yards – Most Foot-Tingling

View from above Edge Observation Deck, one of the best NYC observation decks

Edge at Hudson Yards is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere. The knee-shaking platform extends out 80 feet from the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards, 1,100 feet above the Manhattan streets below. Angled glass barriers ring the 7,500 square foot space providing an uninterrupted view of the city from the Hudson to the East River and down to Lower Manhattan.

If the extreme height and stunning views alone don’t provide enough of a thrill for you, place yourself on the glass-bottomed portion of the deck. Here you can look down and see the goings-on of New York City happening directly below your feet, 100 stories down. And with City Climb, you can actually scale the side of the skyscraper on which the Edge stands. All in all, the Edge offers not only one of the best NYC observation decks, but also the highest open-air building ascent in the world. Grab your tickets here!