The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Philippe Antonello/Prime Video, Copyright Amazon Studios

The Amazon Prime original series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is back for its fifth and final season! The first three episodes are out now and the rest will be released once per week for the next six weeks. The show began in New York City in 1958, but as we enter the fifth season we are into the sixties, and even see glimpses further into the future. The series is part Mad Men-esque in its mid-century setting, part La La Land in its theatricality – minus the singing, though it often feels—like song and dance might break out any minute. These elements combined may seem cringeworthy, even to us period drama obsessed folks here, but the superb acting and comedic timing of the cast, led by Rachel Brosnahan of House of Cards, Tony Shalhoub of Monk fame, and Luke Kirby of Rectifyalong with the spunky writing of Amy Sherman-Palladino, make this show a sleeper hit.

The premise: Upper West Side housewife Miriam “Midge” Maisel, of an esteemed Jewish family, seems to have it all—a successful husband, a great apartment, and two kids. Her husband Joel has taken on what Midge thinks is a hobby—doing standup comedy at the Gaslight Cafe in Greenwich Village, but it turns out he’s been straight up stealing routines from famous comedians. This leads to a comedy of errors, whereupon Midge drunkenly takes the stage showcasing her natural talent.

We left Midge in season 4 questioning what she’s willing to give up in order to really make it big. In the first three episodes of season 5, we see Midge taking on new challenges and chasing her dream. We’ll be updating this list as new episodes are released over the coming weeks. Read on to discover all of the iconic New York City locations featured in the new episodes and previous seasons!

Season 5

1. The Lost Horn & Hardart Automat

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Horn & Hardart set

In the final episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, we are treated to a visit to the lost automat of Horn & Hardart. The set was built inside a church in Crown Heights, close to the Untapped New York office. We got a sneak peek of the set when they were filming! The set featured Art Deco details and lettering, along with backlit display cases.

The replica Horn & Hardart set looked just like the self-service restaurants that used to exist in New York City. Different sections of coin-operated cubbies are labeled for what they contain inside: sandwiches, soups & salads, hot foods, pies and cakes, hot beverages, and ice cream. Midge grabs a slice of chocolate cake for her and Susie to share.

2. 69 Bayard

Midge and Lenny Bruce enjoy a late-night meal at 69 Bayard, a beloved spot in Chinatown that closed in 2016. The restaurant was known for having single-dollar bills stuck up on its walls. The money was taken down and the interior was renovated, but once reopened as WK Restaurant, the new owners encouraged patrons to keep up the money wallpaper tradition. According to Yelp, WK Restaurants has also since closed.