22. Midge’s Apartment

Midge Maisel in her Riverside Apartment
Philippe Antonello/Prime Video, Copyright Amazon Studios

Season 5 kicks off with Midge recovering from a bad night out after seeing Lenny Bruce play Carnegie Hall. At the end of Season 4, after a scathing conversation with Bruce, we see Midge leave the Hall and get swept up in a snowstorm. Now we are seeing the effects of her walking home to her Riverside Drive apartment in that frigid weather (Will she lose a toe?!).

This is the apartment she used to live in with Joel in previous seasons but now shares with her parents. The actual building where exterior shots of the apartment are filmed is The Strathmore at 113th Street on the Upper West Side. It was built in 1909 with an original floor plan that had two 10-room apartments on each floor. Keep reading to see filming locations from previous seasons!