9. Midge’s New (Old) Apartment

Midge's apartment
Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios

Midge has moved back into the apartment she used to live in with Joel, and in a complicated very Mrs. Maisel way, she’s bought the apartment from Joel’s parents but now can’t afford to pay for it after getting fired from the tour. She’s also invited her parents to move back in with her, so they don’t need to live in Forest Hills anymore with Joel’s parents.

The apartment is located on the Upper West Side at 404 Riverside Drive, a fancy apartment known as The Strathmore at 113th Street. It was built in 1909 with an original floor plan that had two 10-room apartments on each floor. The entrance marquee, originally in glass but since replaced, is French-inspired, and has vintage lamps alongside. The interior is filmed on a set, but the exterior is filmed at The Strathmore.