3. 299 Park Avenue

Park Avenue

Joel is a vice president at Tri-Borough Plastics, which has sales offices on Park Avenue. It’s not too clear what he does exactly and he doesn’t seem to be too into it at any rate. When he calls Midge from the office, she asks him “How’s work?” and he answers, “I believe something got sold today.” That evening, Midge heads to his office, the exterior of which is shot at 299 Park Avenue, the office of the investment bank UBS in real life today, between 48th and 49th streets. They head out the revolving front doors and get into a vintage yellow checker cab.

In the background of the shot, we see the backside of Grand Central Terminal and 230 Park Avenue, the Helmsley Building. Discerning Untapped New York reader Michael Kane has pointed out that 299 Park Avenue was not actually built when the show was set, but instead, was constructed starting in 1962 and opened in 1964.