Pilot waterfront restaurant in NYC

New York City is home to a variety of unique dining experiences. You can taste diverse flavors from around the world, time travel to the heyday of soda fountains, and enjoy your meal with stunning views of the city skyline as you sail the waterways of NYC. There are countless restaurants that offer great views, and many are on the waterfront, but here, we take a look at the floating barges and boats that get you out on the Hudson and East Rivers and New York Harbor. From a former aircraft carrier to a 1920s luxury yacht, discover 9 bars and restaurants on the water in NYC:

1. The Baylander, West Harlem Piers

The USS Baylaner, a small aircraft carrier docked at West Harlem Piers

The Baylander Steel Beach, docked at West Harlem Piers near 125th Street, is one of the most unique restaurants on the water in New York City. The USS Baylander is a Vietnam War-era ship that once held the title of the world’s smallest aircraft carrier. Military artifacts, such as storage containers that held meals for the troops in Afghanistan, are incorporated into the restaurant as furniture and decor.

The Baylander went into service for the US Navy in 1968. It was originally used as a harbor utility craft that moved men and materials around the delta regions of Vietnam. In the 1980s, it was converted into a helicopter landing trainer in Florida. After hosting 122,000 landings, the ship was sold at auction and brought to New York in 2012. It opened as a restaurant in 2020. Learn more about the history of the ship here!