9. Mary Mattingly, Ebb of a Spring Tide, Socrates Sculpture Park

Mary Mattingly Ebb of Spring public art rendering
Mary Mattingly, Concept for Ebb of a Spring Tide, Socrates Sculpture Park, 2023. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Ebb of a Spring Tide will be the first exhibition of New York-based artist Mary Mattingly’s work at Socrates Sculpture Park. Debuting on Saturday, May 20, the work features a 65-foot living sculpture titled Water Clock. Fabricated on-site, the piece is a response to the Park’s unique waterfront location along the East River. The pulse of the clock is controlled by the movement of water from the East River through tubes on the structure.

The public art exhibition will also include a Flock House, which will act as a growing, making, and eventual living space to fit the evolving needs of the project. This piece expands on the artist’s ongoing series of mobile, self-sufficient living systems that challenge notions of home and community. It will be on view through September 9, 2023.