14. Pata Paplean

Pata in Little Thailand

Pata Paplean is a popular eatery and night spot along Woodside Avenue in Little Thailand. Known for its more elaborate outdoor displays of flowers and its intimate interior, Pata Paplean has a homey yet modern feel. The rather small interior includes all sorts of decorations including lots of plants, large beer posters, stuffed animals, and even a taxidermy deer head. The interior features all sorts of knickknacks along the walls with a rather open kitchen, landing it as #78 on the New York Times‘ Top 100 Restaurants list.

The menu is quite simple in comparison to some other spots in the area, featuring about a dozen Pata noodles including its signature Nam Tok noodles with a pork blood broth, fish sauce, pork liver, Chinese broccoli, and other additions. Other noodle dishes include roasted pork noodles, creamy Tom Yum soup, and Yen Ta Fo with bean curd and squid. The “Pata Food” section consists of Flashing Shrimp with garlic and mint, crispy pork skin, steamed mussels with Thai herbs, and pork meatloaf. There is also a small dessert menu that includes icy grass jelly and taro pearls in coconut cream.

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