10. Hug Esan

Hug Esan

Hug Esan is a popular hole-in-the-wall eatery known for its Northeast Thai food. The narrow interior is packed to the brim with decorations, such as flowery plates displayed on the wall, wicker light fixtures with plants suspended from them, and a large explainer outlining the cuisine and region. Tables feature bright floral patterns that give the space a more homey feel, also suggested by the Thai flags and a sign that reads “HOME” above the counter.

The appetizer selection at this Little Thailand restaurant stars dishes including Tub Yang, grilled chicken livers with Jeaw sauce, crispy frog legs, and taro cakes with a sweet sauce. Signature Esan dishes include a pork crepe, crispy rice salad with sour pork sausage, and a dish called Mok Nor Mai, or steamed bamboo shoots with pork belly and mushroom in banana leaves. The restaurant offers over a dozen types of papaya salad, such as the Hug Esan papaya salad with pork sausage, sun-dried pork, crispy pork skin, and many other ingredients. Other popular dishes include larb, crab meat omelet, and dill soup with Thai eggplant.