12. Tea Cup Cafe

Tea Cup Noodle Cafe in Little Thailand

Tea Cup Cafe is one of the only Thai dessert shops and bakeries in Little Thailand. Located along Woodside Avenue, Tea Cup Cafe is a narrow eatery with just a handful of tables and seating near the small kitchen and drinks area. The cafe also has a small outdoor dining area for enjoying a selection of bubble teas, desserts, and entrees.

Appetizers mirror what can be found at other eateries in the area, from Esan sausage to fish cakes to chicken dumplings. Entrees include a variety of larbs and curries, as well as Kanom Jeen, a rice noodle dish commonly made with coconut milk and with a choice of chicken feet, fish balls, or blood. There are also some Chinese-inspired dishes like wonton or duck noodle soup. Bubble teas range from rose pineapple to passionfruit to honeydew, while smoothies include green tea, cappuccino, and mango. Desserts include toasted bread, shaved ice, and various cakes.