4. Views from the ‘Sky-Streak’ Elevators of the New York State Pavilion

Observation Deck of the World's Fair AstroView towers
The former elevator bank in the abandoned observation towers. Photo by Robert Fein. 

One of the highlights of the New York State Pavilion was its “Sky-Streak” capsule elevators, which zipped up and down the sides of two of the Observation Towers. Each served a specific purpose: the top tower was an observation deck; the middle sold refreshments and the lower tower was a lounge for “visiting dignitaries.”

Measuring 226 feet (or 69 meters) high, the tallest concrete tower (and the highest point of the fair) provided visitors with unobstructed overhead views of not only the fairgrounds, but New Jersey, Connecticut, the Atlantic Ocean and most of Long Island. The Sky-Streak elevators, in addition to other loose fixtures, have since been removed from the Pavilion.