3. The Employees Only Cat-Walk in the Rose Reading Room

A group of people standing atop the Rose Reading Room catwalk at the New York Public Library

The Rose Reading Room houses the library’s General Research Division and serves as the central research hub in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. This area is open to anyone who needs to look something up and most of the books are easily accessible in the open stacks. However, there is a second level of stacks above the main floor and it’s not apparent how to access them. Ringing the Rose Reading room is an elevated mezzanine for employee use only, so if you need a book from this section, you need assistance. In addition to access to the second-level stacks, the catwalk offers a great view of the space.

A person walks past stacks of books atop the Rose Reading Room catwalk at the New York Public Library

In order to get to the top of the catwalk, there are tiny hidden spiral staircases behind doors that are locked to the public. On a recent visit to the New York Public Library, Untapped Cities Insiders were granted special access to walk atop the catwalk and take in the amazing views it offers of the reading room. Untapped Cities Insiders and the New York Public Library are partnering on a series of special access and behind-the-scenes experiences throughout the year at different branches across the system. You can join the next tour by becoming a member today!