6. The Floating Goat that Cleans the Lake

Lake Mess Monster Prospect Park weed harvester
Prospect Park Lake’s new aquatic weed harvester. Photo courtesy Prospect Park Alliance

In the summer of 2018, Prospect Park added a new member to its Natural Resources Crew, a giant orange boat dubbed originally the Lake “Mess” Monster. The aquatic weed harvester travels along the lake getting rid of excessive weeds that are later disposed of as mulch. Getting rid of these weeds helps keep the lake from being overrun with aquatic pests such as floating water primrose and duckweed. The bright new piece of equipment replaced an older model which was used in the park for twenty years.

A public vote was held on what to name the new contraption, as Lake “Mess” Monster was just temporary.  More than 300 entries were submitted and then narrowed down and voted on by the park community. Out of the final nine options, the winner by a margin of 30 votes was “The Floating Goat.”