One of the vegan restaurants in NYC, Caravan of Dreams

It’s no secret that vegan diets are becoming more and more common as they are beneficial to animal welfare, the planet, and our bodies. The amount of vegan restaurants all over the world has grown immensely in recent years, and there is a rapidly rising number of vegan restaurants in NYC. While there are many popular and well-known plant-based restaurants in the city, read below to discover some vegan restaurants in NYC that are a bit more “off the beaten path!”

1. Healthy as a Motha Vegan Kitchen in Queens

Healthy as a Motha Vegan Kitchen in Queens, one of the vegan restaurants in NYC
Photo by Randy Ramdass

Located in Queens, Healthy as a Motha Vegan Kitchen is a plant-based eatery that primarily serves Trinidadian and Dominican cuisine. While the kitchen is open seven days a week, the restaurant currently offers only to-go options, including online pickup or food delivery services such as DoorDash, Grubhub, or Uber Eats.

Bringing a vegan twist to traditional Caribbean dishes, Healthy as a Motha offers a variety of unique savory flavors to try. From empanadas filled with dairy-free cheese and guava to curry chicken tacos and Jamaican beef patties, they have options to fill your every craving. The restaurant even offers vegan desserts like arroz con leche and their version of plant-based cheesecake.

2. Loving Hut in Williamsburg

Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant in Williamsburg

This Asian-accented vegan eatery in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn has an emphasis on spreading peace through vegan eating and supplying affordable vegan food that can be accessible for anyone wanting to experience a plant-based meal while avoiding the steeper prices that exist at many other vegan spots. Loving Hut is a growing international chain with locations in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, as well as major cities in the U.S. like San Fransisco and Seattle.

The restaurant serves a mix of Asian-inspired cuisine such as curries, dumplings, pad thai, and samosas, as well as some American staples like cheeseburgers and mac and cheese. Loving Hut is open six days a week, excluding Sundays, and offers dine-in as well as DoorDash delivery services or pick-up.

3. Next Stop Vegan

Next Stop Vegan restaurant in Brooklyn, one of the vegan restaurants in NYC

Next Stop Vegan is one of the few vegan restaurants in NYC that has multiple locations. You’ll find one on Livingston Street in Brooklyn as well as in Washington Heights. It is the perfect choice for those in search of some good Mexican food minus animal products.

The restaurant serves nachos and burritos, tostadas and tacos, and even vegan takes on Philly cheesesteaks and truffle mac and cheese. If you’re looking for a spot to indulge in your guilty pleasures but in a healthier way, this is the place to be.

4. Caravan of Dreams

One of the vegan restaurants in NYC, Caravan of Dreams

Being the oldest organic vegan restaurant in all of New York City, we don’t think Caravan of Dreams gets enough love. Near the Ukrainian Village in Lower Manhattan, Caravan of Dreams has been serving a Mediterranean-influenced menu since 1991 from its quaint blue hole-in-the-wall spot.

Complete with dishes that satisfy both traditional vegan diets and raw ones, Caravan of Dreams has a variety of options such as nachos, plant-based reubens, and stir-fries. The restaurant also supplies health-conscious visitors with a multitude of freshly pressed juices and shakes, along with coffee lovers’ favorites like cappuccinos and macchiatos. The well-decorated and colorful interior complemented by outdoor seating options and occasional live music makes this spot a must-try for vegans and non-vegans all over the city.

5. ZED Eats and Drinks by Prospect Park

ZED Eats and Drinks vegan restaurant in Brooklyn

A small shop on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, ZED Eats and Drinks has everything from guilty pleasure meals to ultra-healthy smoothies and juices. Only closed on Mondays, the restaurant is ready to serve its guests a multitude of different dishes and cuisines, labeling itself as serving American, Caribbean, and Mexican.

ZED offers an all-day breakfast with dishes like vegan chicken and waffles or pancakes, while also serving a variety of hard-to-find vegan versions of dishes like oxtail, goat curry, and salmon.

6. Vegan Grill Diner

Vegan Grill Diner restaurant

With locations in both Upper and Lower Manhattan, the Vegan Grill Diner is a relaxed vegan restaurant in NYC where you can grab a quick bite whether you’re going Uptown or Downtown. Offering a massive selection of American favorites, the Vegan Grill Diner has something for everyone. Whether you go for breakfast and are looking for plant-based breakfast burritos, pancakes, or french toast, or you want a more savory meal of anything from nacho burgers and “chicken” wings to a plate of creamy Alfredo pasta, Vegan Grill has you covered.

Although these locations may appear small from the outside, dine-in or take-out is available at either restaurant, and both locations are open seven days a week.

7. Four Seasons Cafe in Brooklyn

Four Seasons Cafe vegan restaurant in NYC, Brooklyn

Four Seasons Cafe in Little Caribbean in Brooklyn is a vegan cafe offering dine-in or online ordering. As its location within Brooklyn may suggest, Four Seasons is a Caribbean-inspired eatery including the features of a juice bar, bakery, and restaurant all in one.

Visitors looking for a healthy spot can find anything from sea moss smoothies to vegetable or fruit juices, while those with a heftier appetite may be more drawn to their many stews and flavorful tofu dishes. Four Seasons also has unique breakfasts depending on each day of the week, so check out this vegan spot to see what they offer on the day-to-day!

8. Starving Vegan on Flatbush Avenue

Starving Vegan restaurant in Brooklyn

Not far from Brooklyn College’s campus, Starving Vegan has a mixed American and Asian menu, as well as a hefty list of freshly squeezed juices. Open every day other than Monday, at Starving Vegan visitors can find munchie-themed appetizers such as vegan “chicken” nuggets and fried broccoli, in addition to larger portions including plant-based “chicken” and “fish” curries, beyond burgers, and lo mein.

9. Raiz Modern Mexican in East Village

Raiz Modern Mexican vegan restaurant in East Village

The East Village may be home to many vegan restaurants, but Raiz Modern Mexican is a casual spot to grab a bite offering Mexican dishes that can’t be missed. Whether visitors are looking solely for something small such as street corn or fried cauliflower bites, or something larger such as nachos, burritos, or tacos, Raiz can satisfy the craving.

With limited outdoor seating options, it may be better to order online ahead and take your food to go, enjoying these delicious vegan dishes from the place of your choosing.

10. Moss Vegan Bistro

Moss Vegan Bistro in Brooklyn

Hidden away in Brooklyn is another vegan spot that often goes unnoticed despite all it has to offer. Moss Vegan Bistro has a unique menu offering rare vegan finds for a plethora of dishes. Featuring menu items like jerk “chicken”, plant-based hot dogs, sautéed “salmon”, and breakfast items like omelets and “chicken” and waffles, Moss Vegan Bistro does it all. You can’t miss its vibrant green exterior as you walk down Flatbush Avenue!

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