Whether you’re in the mood for savory soul food, a sweet treat, or a refreshing drink, you’ll find it at the Bronx Night Market! This summer and fall, Untapped New York Insiders get to sample delicious foods from local New York City vendors at the Brooklyn, Bronx, and Uptown Night Markets in our series of tasting tours. The next tour will take us to Fordham Plaza on July 29th where we’ll sample foods from a diverse array of local businesses and get to meet the passionate owners whipping up these culinary delights. Keep reading to find out what we’ll be munching on and how you can join!

Bronx Night Market food

Bronx Night Market Tasting Tour

People eating at the Bronx Night Market

This tour is open to Untapped New York Insiders! Not an Insider yet? Become a member today and get your first month free with code JOINUS. As an Insider, you have access to member-exclusive in-person and virtual experiences as well as access to our archive of more than 200 on-demand virtual webinars! Registration for this event opens at 12 PM ET on July 14th.

1. Flamboyan Kitchen

Flamboyan Kitchen is a Puerto Rican family-owned bakery, that brings you classic Puerto Rican desserts. Established in November of 2022 and based in the Bronx, the mother-daughter team bakes up quality treats from the island. With guava, passion fruit, coconut, pineapple, and other tropical flavors their cookies, cakes, and other desserts are a taste of Puerto Rico and New York City.

2. Lei’s Litty Kitchen

Lei’s Litty Kitchen is a Harlem-based woman-owned catering company operated by Chef Elisha (Litty Lei), who many call the “spice gal. In her kitchen, North Carolina roots are sprinkled with a bit of the Barbados and Panama. She specializes in down-home Southern Comfort and Seafood dishes. Though her business began recently in 2020, Elisha has been cooking since she was a little girl, sitting in the kitchen on Sunday mornings with her Mommy, NaNa, and Aunties soaking up all the good aromas and trying to memorize their recipes. As she grew older, her passion for cooking never subsided. From cooking for family and friends’ events to cooking for staff at the jails she worked in, she turned her passion into purpose. She’s known for a famous 7 cheese Litty Mac n’ Cheese Smacked bowls, Big Mama’s Seafood fries, and Big Daddy’s Cabbage slaw pulled pork sandwich. She shared her passion for cooking on the TBS series Rat in The Kitchen Season 1

3. Humos USA

Humos USA is run by two Latino brothers who had to separate when emigrating to different countries. When they finally reunited, their different experiences informed their shared culinary creations. The name of their food venture, Humos means “smoke.” Both brothers are passionate about fire and they turn their stand into a true meat show. Cooking on a grill with avant-garde designs, they merge BBQ from different countries, creating wonderful sandwiches and combined dishes of roasted vegetables and fruits over fire, coals, and smoke, and everything is infused with a lot of love and passion!

4. Angie’s Delightful Bites 

Angie’s Delightful Bites is a woman-owned family business established in 2020 amid the historic pandemic. Angie creates tasty blends to bring excitement to every bite. Angie’s specializes in uniquely flavored empanadas which come in various sizes. Inside, the ingredients are based on Angie’s Puerto Rican heritage as well as flavors and spices from Caribbean and Italian cooking traditions. They are stuffed with everything from meats and seafood to veggies. Angie’s homemade recipes and blends are sure to be a culinary experience you won’t soon forget!

5. Brazen Flavas

Brazen Flavas lives for bringing the spark back to the classic party sweet treat, the jello shot! During lockdown when the world was experiencing isolation, the Brazen Flavas team longed for opportunities for fun, flavorful and adventurous moments with friends. They noticed that while people always come together for drinks, that still leaves so much to be desired. Jello shots, though not historically delicious, have always “brought the vibe,” so they decided to fully revamp the flavor and elevate the experience. Brazen Flavas’ unique packaging and immersive events allow customers to remember good times and create new memories.

Bronx Night Market Tasting Tour

Breakdancers at the Bronx Night Market

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