Bonus: The Rockaways may be only 400 years old

New research published by conservation ecologist Eric Sanderson in the Northeastern Naturalist argues that the Rockaways are about as old as the King James Bible. He arrived at this conclusion by looking at maps dating back as far as 1502, and discovered that the Rockaways were created by waves and storms over the past 400 years. They were originally a collection of marshes that congealed together to form the peninsula that we know today.

During its short existence, the Rockaway peninsula has seen a lot of history. There are dozens of luxury Victorian-style homes and many other picturesque lodgings, such as those pictured above, as well as many towering apartment buildings, shops, beach resorts, forests, beaches, and hidden enclaves to be found. The peninsula was created by the sea, and it may well be the sea that destroys it. But until that day, New York is lucky to have its mysterious beachside peninsula, which has been a home and a source of inspiration for so many.

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This article was written by Eden Gordon