4/5. Connie at the TWA Hotel and 1850 in the Centurion Lounge at JFK Airport

Hidden bar at TWA Hotel

JFK Airport has a couple of hidden bars where you can grab a drink before your jet! To get to the first one on our list, head to the JetBlue terminal and follow the signs for the TWA Hotel. The bar is located inside a 1958 TWA Constellation plane that is parked on a “runway” outside the former 1962 terminal building designed by Eero Saarinen. The menu features fun drinks with names like Aviation, Vodka is My Co-Pilot, and Control Tower Sour. You don’t need to have an airline ticket to access this bar.

Terminal 4 is where you’ll find the next, more secret airport speakeasy. Open to American Express card members only, the Centurion Lounge at JFK Airport offers a little bit of cordoned-off respite for weary travelers either starting or going home from their journeys. Located past TSA – and thus inaccessible to anyone who isn’t genuinely traveling – in the sprawling airport’s Terminal 4, the Lounge is located just beyond the security checkpoint to the left of the escalators leading to the gate level.