Reflective puddles on a concrete floor, colorful graffiti art, detritus from the 20th century, and worn brick walls of 150-year-old beer vaults were all subjects in the eerily stunning photos taken by participants on Untapped New York’s photo tour of the William Ulmer brewery with professional photographer Andra Phox. Guests ventured throughout the building, from the rooftop to the basement, searching for the perfect shot. Take a look at what they captured below and learn how you can join us on our next photo tour!

abandoned Brooklyn brewery
Abandoned Brewery staircase
Abandoned brewery

Each guest took a different approach to shooting the location on the other side of their lens. Employing a variety of techniques, which Andrea was on hand to demonstrate, they captured long-exposure images, panoramas, macro-photography images, and more. Experimenting with these various techniques, everyone accomplished shots that were truly unique.

black and white photo of empty room
Photographer’s Instagram
close up of a metal knob

Join Untapped New York and Andrea Phox for our next photo tour when we’ll be climbing the 200ft Highbridge Water Tower in Upper Manhattan! Closed for decades, the tower recently reopened to the public. Participants will be allowed to use tripods (prohibited on other public tours) and enjoy 360-degree views of the city!

Photo Tour of Highbridge Water Tower

People taking photographs out the window of High Bridge Water Tower

See more photos of the brewery below!

abandoned Brewery in Brooklyn
Photographer’s Instagram
Glass bottle

Photo Tour of Highbridge Water Tower


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