Turns out the heart of the ocean is in a bar bathroom in Queens. A replica of the blue jewel that an elderly Rose drops into the sea at the end of James Cameron’s 1997 film, Titanic, is just one of the many, many nods to the blockbuster that you’ll find in the restroom at The Baroness. From the sink area to inside the stalls, the entire space is covered in imagery and quotes related to the Titanic movie and the singer who belted out its iconic theme, Celine Dion.

Hand towel holder inside the Titanic Bathroom
Photo Courtesy of ESS Hospitality

Why? Well, the entire shrine pays homage to a special event that happened in 2013. Celine Dion stopped in and used the restroom. Now, everywhere you look, Celine Dion is looking back at you.

The Baroness Titanic bathroom
Photo Courtesy of ESS Hospitality

Mirrors above the sink have lyrics to “My Heart Will Go On” written in flowing script. On stall doors, the never-ending debate over whether or not Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) would have fit on the door with Rose (Kate Winslet) rages on. The bar’s stance? He would have fit!

Titanic Themed mural

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