Any building as old as Martinique New York is bound to acquire some uncanny stories throughout the years. For more than a century, this landmark hotel in midtown Manhattan has hosted thrilling vaudeville and theatrical performances, lavish dinner parties, and countless guests. Many historic events of the past 125 years have left a lasting mark on the hotel, and it seems as though some of those guests, have never left. This Halloween week, join Untapped New York Insiders as we explore the stories of spirits at Martinique New York on an after-dark tour!

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Spirits & Stories of Martinique New York

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On this tour led by Rooms Division Manager, resident historian, and 20+ year property veteran Tara Williams, you’ll hear spine-chilling tales as you visit the hotel’s spookiest spots. Travel up to the 17th floor where you’ll learn about the thwarted Nazi spy plot that intended to disrupt operations at Grand Central Terminal, and meet the spirits of guests who have taken “the quick way” down the stairs.

Heading down to the 9th floor, you’ll screen the short 1923 film “Safety First” and hear about the daring but doomed acrobat who fell from the 9th floor of the hotel while promoting the film 100 years ago. In the beautiful ballroom, you’ll learn about some of the darker misdeeds and mishaps that have occurred on the dancefloor. Down on the lower levels of the hotel, you’ll meet Sara, the prankster spirit whose mischievous taunts have been caught on security footage.

Spirits & Stories of Martinique New York


Throughout the tour, Tara will share historical artifacts and newspaper clippings, spirited accounts of guests and staff, video footage, and her own personal stories of the hotel’s otherworldly visitors!

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