Whether it’s warming winters or heavy rainfalls, the effects of climate change are all around us in a city like New York. The Climate Museum, located in Soho, is the first of its kind dedicated to inspiring action to work against this climate crisis and bring the whole world back to being a healthy planet. In their new exhibit, “The End of Fossil Fuel.” guests are invited to learn about the truths of this harmful industry and how to take action against it.

On January 10th, you can join the Founder and Director of The Climate Museum Miranda Massie for an in-depth tour of the exhibits! This tour is free for Untaped New York Insiders. Not an Insider yet? Use code JOINUS and get your first month free when you become a member today. Registration opens on December 27th.

Founder-Led Tour of The Climate Museum

Climate Museum

The exhibit starts by explaining how fossil fuels are harmful. Greenhouse gases emitted by burning fossil fuels create a blanket, trapping heat in Earth’s atmosphere and causing the mayhem all around us. The informational displays then go on to explain the injustice caused by this greenhouse effect.

Countries that have emitted the most greenhouse gases tend to feel its impact last. On the other hand, countries that have contributed the least to global warming are the most affected by the crisis. The exhibit combines informational text with maps, outlining this sad truth. Flip through a heat map to learn about redlining, and how on hot summer days, neighborhoods graded D by redlining in the 1930s have temperatures up to 30 degrees hotter than neighborhoods graded A.

Woman looking at exhibit at Climate Change Museum
Photo Credit: Sari Goodfriend

While the Climate Museum created this exhibit in part to expose the reality of climate change, it is important to recognize that there are success stories too! The exhibit displays some of these stories to lift hope and inspire action. At the exhibit, you can learn about the NY Renews’ law, which mandates the elimination of fossil fuel use by 2050. Guests can also read about LANDBACK, an indigenous-led movement to restore native sovereignty over ancestral lands and implement techniques that rely on “traditional ecological knowledge.”

Lining the walls of the exhibit is a mural by artist R. Gregory Christie. This 45-foot mural envisions the transition to climate justice. The mural begins with dark gray colors, depicting oil barons, chains, and coal. Walking along the mural, we begin to see brighter colors, chains breaking free, and eventually a beautiful scene of serenity and nature. The mural makes its point clear and easy to understand for even the youngest of visitors to the museum.

Speakers talking to crowd at Climate Museum
Photo Credit: Sari Goodfriend

Across generations, murals have had a history of fighting for social justice, starting in 1920s Mexico following the Mexican Revolution. Artists like Diego Rivera took advantage of the accessibility of murals to express shared goals. More recently, the two years following George Floyd’s murder produced 2700 murals honoring him and the Black Lives Matter movement. Christie hopes to have a wide reach with his mural, empowering advocates and catalyzing change.

By the end of “The End of Fossil Fuel,” guests will find cause to believe in the bright future we can bring, and to join together in the fight against climate change. When we fight, we win, step by step. Join us to explore the exhibit with The Climate Museum Founder Miranda Massie on January 10th!

Founder-Led Tour of The Climate Museum

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