9. The Pine Barrens

One of the most memorable, and funniest, episodes of the series, “The Pine Barrens,” wasn’t shot in the forests of New Jersey. Scenes from this episode when Paulie and Christopher get lost in the woods chasing down “the Russian” were actually shot in New York, at Harriman State Park. Show creator David Chase told The Ringer that production wanted to shoot at a park in West Orange, New Jersy, but a local politician didn’t want the show to shoot in his county because he felt it poorly portrayed Italian-Americans. That politician ironically was later imprisoned for corruption.

10. Nichols Great Kills Marina

The pilot episode of the series introduces viewers to Tony’s boat, The Stugots. The back of the boat and life preserver ring note the boat’s location as Belmar, New Jersey, a coastal town on the Jersey Shore, but the boat was actually docked at Nichols Great Kills Marina on Staten Island. Three different boats were used to portray The Stugots and The Stugots II throughout the series. In the summer of 2023, the pilot episode boat went up for sale.

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