4. Milton Glaser

closed Astor Place Kmart entrance

Milton Glaser is most famous for creating the iconic “I ♥ NY” logo. The design was made for a tourism campaign in 1977. Beyond the wild success of this logo, Glaser was a prolific graphic designer who was the first to be awarded the National Medal of the Arts. He’s also no stranger to creating art in the subway. In 2017 he designed a series of posters for the School of Visual Art’s (SVA) “Underground Images” ad campaign. A permanent work by Glaser can be found at the Astor Place (6) station.

Untitled, is a series of geometric patterns in colors and shapes that reinterpret the original decorative elements of the station. The puzzle-like patterns pay homage to the station’s historic terra cotta tiles featuring a symbol of the Astor family, the beaver on which their wealth was founded.