Get excited New York, spring is here! This month, as the flowers bloom so do a host of new exhibits and art programs around the city for visitors and locals to check out. Here are the must-see art installations to look out for this April.

1. Before The End at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Artist Bhabha and her sculptures
Huma Bhabha, 2022 Photo by Daniel Dorsa. Courtesy of David Zwirner.

Public Art Fund is set to debut a new exhibition featuring a series of four large-scale bronze sculptures at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Artist Hum Bhabha blends aesthetic, cultural, and psychological elements, diving deep into the intersections of art and mythology. These eight-foot-tall statues appear as though they are emerging from the earth below them. They will be set against the scenic background of Brooklyn Bridge Park along the Pier 3 Uplands, conjuring up a sense of mystery in New York.  Before The End is Bhabha’s second time presenting with Public Art Fund, and she is determined to continue pushing the boundaries of contemporary sculpture. The pieces will be on view starting April 30, 2024. 

2. Los Sabores de Mi México, A Replica of Frida Kahlo’s Kitchen at Grand Central Terminal

Frida Kahlo book and cooking exhibit
Courtesy of Jaritos and the family of Frida Kahlo

Beloved Mexican soft drink brand, Jarritos, and the family of Frida Kahlo come together to present the first edition of Los Sabores de Mi México, a cultural exhibition set to take visitors on an artistic journey in Grand Central Terminal. The experience and exhibition are inspired by the culture of cooking in Mexico and world-renowned artist Frida Kahlo. Visitors can step into a replica of the Kahlo family kitchen and home where previously unpublished photographs capturing the personal and artistic life of the artist are on display. The exhibition will feature a variety of other must-sees, including an interactive art workshop and reinterpretations of Kahlo’s work. The exhibition has ended.

3. FUTURE 400 Tulip Day at Union Square Park

Union Square

The Netherlands Consulate General in New York announces FUTURE 400, a vibrant, two-year celebration of the 400 years since the Dutch arrived in New York. This event series will bring together artists and thinkers from both New York and the Netherlands for performances, talks, art exhibits, and more.

On Tulip Day, April 7th, over 200,000 tulips will take over Union Square Park, welcoming thousands to pick their own bouquet from the array. The Consul General of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York will present a new tulip variety to the city, called FUTURE 400. It will commemorate this year’s anniversary of the first Dutch settlement and honor another 400 years of collaboration between the nations. 

4. Analogue Sites on Park Ave

Metal sculpture
A rendering of “Biosignature Preservation” on Park Avenue, a sculpture by Jorge Otero-Pailos which will be part of his forthcoming exhibition “Analogue Sites” on Park Avenue Exhibition

Jorge Otero-Pailos’ Analog Sites lines Park Ave this month with large steel pieces wrought from a fence that once surrounded the former U.S. Embassy in Oslo. The sculptures aims to raise awareness of the importance of American modern architecture and the preservation of mid-century embassies as they stand amongst Park Avenue’s mid-century modernist landmarks and the Park Avenue Armory. Originally placed in Oslo, the series will be on display until October 2024.

5. Culture of Creativity at Tiffany & Co.

The iconic Tiffany & Co. flagship store unveiled an art exhibition in partnership with renowned architect Peter Marino, who led the transformation of the iconic store’s interior. TItled Culture of Creativity, the exhibition is a testament to Tiffany & Co.’s long-standing connection with the art world. It features nearly 70 works of art from the Peter Marino Art Foundation by artists like Louis Comfort Tiffany, Damien Hirst, Rashid Johnson, and Peter Marino himself. Also on view is a beautiful range of 19th-century pieces from Marino’s personal collection of Tiffany silver. The exhibit runs through May 20th at the Tiffany & Co. flagship store on Fifth Avenue and 57th Street called The Landmark. Complimentary tickets can be reserved through the Tiffany website.

6. Grounded by Our Roots

AMNH painting
Church and State by Alison Bremner Naxhshagheit Alvaro Keding/© AMNH

The world-famous American Museum of Natural unveils a new exhibit on April 2nd, Grounded by Our Roots. The exhibition features gorgeous works by five up-and-coming Indigenous artists. These thirteen pieces, including paintings, prints, clothing, and sculptures, showcase modern Indigenous art inspired by the beautiful visual traditions of the Northwest Coast. 

Artists include Hawilkwalał Rebecca Baker-Grenier, a fashion designer who debuted her first collection at New York Fashion Week in 2022, as well as Alison Bremner Naxhshagheit, an artist of many media who explores the present-day Tlingit experience. The exhibition will be on view in the Contemporary Art Gallery in the Museum’s Northwest Coast Hall, and is included with all admission.

7. Seed

Sketch for Seed art installation at Madison Square Park
Preparatory sketch of Rose B. Simpson’s site-specific commission for Madison Square Park Conservancy, Seed
Courtesy of the artist and Madison Square Park Conservancy

As a part of the milestone twentieth anniversary of Madison Square Park Conservancy’s art program, Rose B. Simpson will unveil her new public art exhibition, Seed. This outdoor exhibition features nine towering sculptures in both Madison Square Park and Inwood Hill Park. Set in bronze and steel will be figures depicted in gatherings on the grounds of the parks. 

The pieces draw from Simpson’s own background as well as the history of Manhattan Island. Simpson illuminates the notions of interconnectedness and our natural relationship with the ground we walk on. Seed is on view from April 11th through September 22nd. 

8. Home Run at Lou Gehrig Plaza, Yankee Stadium

Baseball bat and ball at Yankee Stadium
Photo Courtesy of LeMonde Studio

Baseball season is back! Fans of this iconic New York sport are called to Lou Gehrig Plaza for the launch of Home Run, a new installation by LeMonde Studio in partnership with the 161st Street Business Improvement District and the Québec Government Office in New York. The unveiling of the sculpture, which depicts a giant baseball bat and ball, will take place on the Yankees’ first home game of the season on April 5th! 

9. Liberty, The Tattooed Lady at City Reliquary

Gallery of Lady Liberty inspired tattoos
Courtesy of City Reliquary

One of the most unique exhibitions to look out for this April has to be Liberty the Tattooed Lady, a project devoted entirely to the history of Statue of Liberty tattoos. A stunning collection of vintage and modern tattoo art tracks the history of how Lady Liberty has been embraced and illustrated by American tattoo artists for over 100 years. The exhibit features vintage photographs, flash, drawings, and other related pieces. 

The exhibition was curated by Michelle Myles of Daredevil Tattoo & Museum and will be on view from April 5th, 2024 through January 12th, 2025 at City Reliquary. Daredevil Tattoo opened in 1997 when tattooing was finally legalized in New York City. The shop is home to the Museum of Tattoo History.

10. We Will Make Shoes from the Sky

Digital art in Moynihan Train Hall
Photo Credit: Amtrak

Moynihan Train Hall welcomes a new multi-panel video animation titled We Will Make Shoes from the Sky by renowned South African artist William Kentridge. The cast of characters in each video are based on real figures from moments in history, ranging from the Negritude movement of African heritage to tributes to iconic Black leaders like James Baldwin. The characters portrayed are also the cast of Kentridge’s theatrical production titled The Great Yes, The Great No. 

This piece is part of the latest installation for Art at Amtrak,  a public art program aimed at presenting diverse projects to enhance the travel experience at Amtrak stations. This piece will play on rotation for the Spring 2024 season at Moynihan Train Hall. 

11. Youth Art Day + Live Painting Experience

 Mikail Akar painting on a large canvas
Art and Photo Credit: Mikail Akar

Mikail Akar is one of the youngest luminaries of our generation. This April, the 11-year-old prodigy will take his talents to the 100th floor of One World Observatory. Mikail is known for his vibrant, Basquiat-style pieces, and has broken into the international art scene with works sold for significant sums. He discovered his passion for art at the age of four and has developed a unique style. Mikail is excited for his work to take new heights this spring in New York City. 

Mikail will hold a live painting experience at One World Observatory, elevating the visibility and appreciation of youth art. The event will begin with a painting demonstration, followed by a youth workshop led by Art Start, a pillar in the art community known for nurturing the creativity of marginalized youth. Space is limited and spots can be secure via Eventbrite.  After the event, you can see Akar’s art installation, ‘NO DOUBT,’ at Artexpo New York from April 4-7, at Booth #604, Pier 36.

12. One Leaf, One Community: Memories in Our Parks

Photos of memories from Parks employees
Credit: NYC Parks

NYC Parks employees share snapshots of engagements and weddings, childhood memories, family and friend gatherings, and other personal moments in a new photo exhibit, One Leaf, One Community: Memories in Our Parks. On view at the 3rd floor Arsenal Gallery in Central Park, the exhibition highlights the power of shared experiences in community building by displaying some of the cherished personal memories of the Parks employees. The exhibit was designed to expand over time, and the public is welcome to join the Parks family and add their own photos during special scheduled events at the gallery. The photos will be on view through May 30, 2024.

13. #ReframeClimate

Reframe Climate Change Pier 57
Photo Courtesy of Pier 57

To celebrate Earth Month, Pier 57 in Chelsea will showcase the perfect exhibition to illustrate the effects of climate change. This series of large-scale photographs is part of an art campaign titled #ReframeClimate. The series includes documentary images from several photographers alongside interactive prompts. Guests are invited to reflect on the effects of climate change on people and the world around us. Visitors can view the exhibition inside Pier 57’s Market 57 and Living Room, open to the public starting April 2nd through May 2024. 

14. Macy’s Flower Show

Macy's Flower Show entrance
A view of the Macy’s Flower Show 2024 at Macys Herald Square on March 24, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Macy’s, Inc.)

An annual sign of spring, the Macy’s Flower Show, returns for another year of beautiful floral installations. This year the exterior of the flagship store in Herald Square is decked out with larger-than-life fake lilies, daisies, and green leaves. Heading inside the store will lead you to a gorgeous array of real orchids, roses, and hydrangeas. The 2024 show was created in partnership with Dior, one section of the display even paying tribute to the elegant fragrance Miss Dior. Keep an eye out for the other installations around the store, including glittery strawberries and the massive watering cans. Macy’s Flower Show is open at Herald Square from March 24th through April 7th during normal store hours. 

15. Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies at Artechouse NYC

Afro-Frequencies at Artechouse
Photo Courtesy of Artechouse

The latest immersive show at Artechouse, a hi-tech art space inside the former basement boiler room of Chelsea Market, plunges visitors into a futuristic world of Afro-surrealist images and words. Titled Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies, the show was created with digital art from London-based artist Vince Fraser and poetry from ursula rucker. Aṣẹ, pronounced “AH-shay,” translates to “So will it be,” a positive affirmation derived from the Yoruba people of West Africa. The project is a collaboration between Fraser and rucker to honor the Black experience with powerful words, moving music, and mesmerizing imagery. If you’re an Untapped New York Insider, you can experience the show for free!

16. The Golden Apple in the Meatpacking District

Golden Apple sculpture The Meatpacking District
Photo Courtesy of Vincent K Caruso, Leica Ambassador

The symbol of New York City gets gilded in artist Enrique Cabrera’s latest public sculpture in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan. Outside his new studio, Cabrera Fine Arts, passersby will find The Golden Apple. Inside the studio, visitors can see iconic international works as well as pieces from Cabrera’s personal collection including art by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Botero, Domingo Zapata, and Retna. The Golden Apple comes a year after Cabrera introduced the largest-ever apple sculpture to NYC, La Gran Manzana, at Rockefeller Center.

17. Secondary forest on the High Line

secondary forest on the High Line
Giulia Cenci, secondary forest, 2024. A High Line Commission. On view April 2024–March 2025.Photo by Liz Ligon.Courtesy of the High Line

The High Line’s spring installations kick off with Giulia Cenci’s secondary forest at 24th Street. Cenci’s work fuses industrial elements with organic forms to create “jarring compositions that invite viewers to question human’s relationship with nature.” In this piece, the artist uses melted-down scrap metal, found objects, agricultural tools, old machinery, and car parts to create a new wild habitat of dismembered wolf heads, branches, human faces, and twisted roots. These images call to mind the history of the area’s meat trade and illustrate the blurred line between humans and all other forms of life. The title furthers these themes. A secondary forest is a “forest or woodland area that has regenerated through largely natural processes after human-caused disturbances.”

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