You’re invited to an unusual party happening in Manhattan’s Financial District at Fosun Plaza! Just outside 28 Liberty Tower, you can grab a seat next to an elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, and more endangered animals as they enjoy cake, coffee, and donuts on the world’s largest bronze couch. This celebratory menagerie, titled The Wild Couch Party, was created by British and Australian artists, Gillie and Marc and will be on view through May 2025.

Photo Courtesy of Gillie and Marc

Rabbitwoman and Dogman, two characters who have appeared frequently in Gillie and Marc’s work across the globe, host the party. The partyguests are twelve of the world’s most endangered animals including an African elephant, a hippo, a Masai giraffe, a Bengal tiger, a koala, a chimpanzee, a Grevy’s zebra, a Northern white rhino, a lion, a mountain gorilla, an orangutan and an Arabian red fox. Learn more about each endangered species and what factors contribute to their near extinction on Gillie and Marc’s website.

Hippo sculpture
Photo Courtesy of Gillie and Marc

As with all of the artistic duo’s work, Wild Couch Party calls attention to the impact of human activity on the natural world. By depicting animals partaking in a simple and universal human activity—sitting around with loved ones on a comfy couch and enjoying cake and coffee—the artists invite viewers to contemplate how all living creatures are connected and worthy of love, support, and safety.

Wild Couch Party sculpture by Gillie and Marc

The pair have previously the world’s largest rhino sculpture, the largest gorilla, and Statues for Equality in New York City. Each piece is interactive and invites the viewer to become part of the work.

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