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Matt Blitz_Untapped Cities_Atlas ObscuraMatt Blitz, writer: Matt is a writer, adventurer, and a friend to the possum who hangs out near his house. Based out of Los Angeles, he loves museums, historical oddities, and the belief that Bigfoot is still out there waiting for us to find him. He is the head field agent for Obscura Society LA and a terrible speller.

About Chou, Christina 2011-0810

Christina Chou, writer/photographer: Christina is a Chicago transplant residing in LA; she doesn’t elongate her vowels. She’s worked in talent management, various embassies, on international film/concert tours, and recently documented tsunami relief work in Japan. Her dual B.A. in Economics/Political Science from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign just assures she’s literate. She enjoys her Canon DSLR, obscure items on menus, and damn good coffee.

Devin McCutchen, Los Angeles: Devin was raised on the edge of suburbia in the rural hinterlands of the Bay Area. While at UC Berkeley he took up studying San Francisco history and playing the banjo, thus sabotaging all conversational competency with people younger than 140. These days he finds himself in begrudging exile from The City, commuting through orange groves and sprawl en route to UCLA, where he’s a MA/PhD student of California history.

Qi, RickyRicky Qi, photographer: Born in the Spring City of Kunming in Yunnan Province, Ricky moved to the U.S. at the age of two. After graduating with a B.A. in International Studies from UCSD, Ricky moved to China for a year where he documented the Shanghai jazz revival, started a commercial photo studio and subsisted off a combination of good will, street food and on occasion, his photo work. You can find his latest projects here and here.

Chris Torres, writer: Chris is a native Angelino obsessed with cities, green tea, and music. After traveling and studying in New York, Paris, Brisbane and Berkeley he now practices as a landscape architect and urban designer in Los Angeles. He can found swimming at the beach, playing music and exploring the hidden treasures of LA with his two pups. Chris was a founding creative director of GROUND UP, the journal of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley.

Lynnette Woo, Los Angeles: Lynnette is an Orange County native with an affinity for vibrant big cities like London and Hong Kong, despite being a self-proclaimed “California girl.” She graduated with a B.A. in English (writing emphasis) and a minor in business from Biola University. She survives on English breakfast tea and rose milk tea to fuel her writing, and enjoys experiencing cafes anywhere in the world she may venture to. She permanently craves Penang cuisine.

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