Beat of the Boroughs: Mariachi with Ramon Ponce

Join New Yorker Ramon Ponce, a fourth-generation mariachi musician and founder of the Mariachi Academy of New York, for a performance and interview about how the pandemic has affected the way his group performs in the latest episode of Beat of the Boroughs: NYC Online presented by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance. This virtual series celebrates the diversity of cultural traditions from around the world practiced right here in New York City. Through the program, viewers will be introduced to one hundred of New York City's top immigrant performers, from poets and artists to musicians and dancers.

New performances premiere at 5PM ET on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

CTMD is a non-profit that has worked for over fifty years in partnership with immigrant artists and communities to help them pass on traditions to the next generation in New York. During the pandemic, CTMD is premiering Beat of the Boroughs: NYC Online, a program highlighting the important musical and dance traditions, as well as perspectives, of immigrant artists.

Photograph by Marisela Pacheco, Copyright Mariachi Real de Mexico

Watch Here on 1/6/21 at 5PM ET