Go Inside 2120: An Art Experience

2120 An Art ExperienceTwo women inside 2120 An Art ExperienceFigure inside 2120 An Art Experience2120 An Art Experience

Experience 2120: An Art Experience, a new immersive art installation that imagines a world a hundred years from now in 2120. Experiential talent agency YTG Agency and Portion, worked in partnership with is a blockchain-driven marketplace for artists and collectors, worked with Jacob M Fisher, to create the exhibition which explores what the art world may be like in 2120, if the world is transacting on blockchain and fractional ownership.

The experience features both digital dynamic projection mapping and physical stimuli. Untapped New York Insiders have been invited to experience 2120: An Art Experience for free on 3/1 or 3/3, with the 3/3 date including a talk with YTG Agency founder Richard Heby.


If you are already an Untapped New York Insider, log in to your account, and sign up for this tour on this page when registration opens on 2/17 at 12 PM EST.

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Tickets are limited to one per member, unless the member is an Explorer level member and can bring a guest. Tickets are non-transferable and your membership must be active when the tour takes place. Each booking will be verified to ensure each guest is a member.

Please be courteous of your fellow Insiders – if you are no longer able to make a tour but have ticket(s), let us know at [email protected] so we can release those spots to other members. We hope you are as excited as we are about this experience and hope you can join us!

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  • Registration for this event opens Monday, February 17th, 2020 at 12PM EST
  • Dates and Times: Sunday, March 1st starting at 1:30 PM (free entry through 7:30 PM) and Tuesday March 3rd at 7 PM (includes talk)
  • Capacity: 20 people per time slot
  • Meeting Location: 2307 Broadway New York, NY 10024