Marching Towards Modernity: The Women of Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village Girls Library of CongressWomen at Greenwich Village Fair

Ida Rauh and her sister-in-law and Village neighbor Crystal Eastman both earned law degrees at NYU and went on to change the worlds of law, justice, women's health, literature, theater, and more. Rauh and Eastman are just two of the extraordinary women who lived and worked in Greenwich Village at the turn of the 20th century when the neighborhood was transitioning from a tony enclave turned immigrant haven to a bohemian paradise. Lucie Levine will focus on this moment in history and the women who led that change, marching into the new century as some of the nation’s foremost advocates, founders, and creators. Celebrate the women of Greenwich Village who helped lead the city and the nation into the Modern World.

This live talk is organized by Village Preservation in partnership with the Merchants House Museum. Village Preservation has invited Insiders to join as well. The talk will be broadcasted via Zoom.


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