Take in Jazz at ROOM 623 Speakeasy in Harlem

Inside Room 623 SpeakeasyMusicians performing in Room 623Musicians performing in Room 623Stairway to Room 623

Access the speakeasy, ROOM 623 located in the heart of West Harlem. To enter, you follow blue lights down a short alley to the door that is marked with 623. ROOM 623 was inspired by the likes of St. Nick's Pub, The Lenox Lounge and even the old Sugar Cane Club. ROOM 623 offers accessible high quality live Jazz in an "upscale-meets-neigborhood” speakeasy that is constantly filled with spontaneous & positive energy...a new home in Harlem for Jazz fans, and top notch musicians from around the world and around the corner. Inside, ROOM 623 is very intimate. There are small tables with chairs and couches and a small bar. You are right next to and in front of the band. The walls are covered in velvet patterned wallpaper and exposed brick.

Untapped New York Insiders will be offered free entry (no cover) to ROOM 623 on March 8th at 6 PM with the Frank Senior Trio (Vocal Jam session to follow, instrumentalists welcome!) and March 11th at 8pm for THE HARLEM JAZZ SESSION featuring The Peter Brainin Quartet (Jam session to follow). Please note that there is a $15 minimum spend on food and beverage once inside.


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  • Registration for this event opens Monday, February 24th, 2020 at 12PM EST
  • Dates and Times: Sunday March 8th at 6PM and Wednesday March 11th at 8 PM
  • Capacity: 10 people per time slot
  • Meeting Location: 271 W. 119th Street, New York, NY 10026. Follow the blue lights down a short alley to the door that is marked with 623.
  • Cover entry is free, $15 minimum spend on food and beverage